Authors: S Khumalo

Keyword: regional infrastructure, trans-border infrastructure, South Africa, transport infrastructure


Agenda 2063: A2

This paper unpacks the cross border road transport challenges experienced at most of South African border posts with particular focus on Beitbridge border. The paper is based on research conducted by the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) in 2011 focusing on the State of South African border posts and Analysis of Trade Supply Chains. The historic structural and institutional configuration of South African border posts like other SADC border posts manifest deficiencies in terms of facilitating smooth cross border road transport movements. The number of government departments and agencies operating at South African border posts range from five (5) to twelve (12) and the departments/ agencies operates in silos. Customs processes constitute the greatest transit time in undertaking cross border movement in either direction, that is, for both northbound and southbound traffic at Beitbridge border post. Other transport challenges include inadequate and poorly maintained infrastructure, misalignment of working hours and lack of coordination between domestic border agencies and other stakeholders. Understanding of the origins and magnitude of cross border transport challenges is a fundamental departure point towards finding ideal interventions to the challenges experienced at Beitbridge. This paper outlines some of the solutions that may be deployed to address the cross border transport challenges experienced at South African border posts.