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E.Coli i E.Coli ii



The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research a developed disposable device that can rapidly detect the microcial organisism E.Coli, without the need to send samples to laboratories.

The presence of E.Coli in water sources typically indicates sewage contamination, and if consumed, can result in severe illnesses and even death. Current methods for detecting pathogens in water are neither simple nor portable. They require 18 – 24 hours of incubation of the sample at constant elevated temperature, are time consuming (usually requiring 1 to 5 days), expensive and require well equipped laboratories employing trained technicians to carry out routine tasks. Water sampled from lesser serviced areas is transported to fully equipped laboratories, which are usually centrally located, for testing. In some instances, this water reaches the laboratory facility 2 to 3 days after sample collection at the site.


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This innovation addresses the shortcomings of traditional techniques by reducing the total detection time for E. coli and negating the need for a fully equipped laboratory. Contact Shavon Kumar for more information, or watch the video below.