Keyword: conservation, peace and security



Why Cmore?

Real-time situation awareness is crucial in the safety and security environment. Forces need the ability to detect events, follow forces in the field, collaborate between teams and give or receive rapid feedback. Increasing complexity in deployments in border safeguarding for instance, has created the need for a platform that facilitates interagency, interdepartmental and community awareness to ensure a unified effort towards a goal. The CSIR has devised an innovative situation awareness and decision support technology platform that is based on modern web and mobile technology. The system operates on concepts based on user-driven experimentation of awareness and decision support. A whole-of-government or whole-of-society solution requires coordination and a common understanding between agencies to provide a sustainable effort towards the solution. This approach requires significant capabilities from an information technology perspective. Information management is a key element of a complete solution and includes the capability to secure sensitive information, as well as the ability to securely share information that supports collaboration and cooperation between separate agencies.


What is Cmore?

The Cmore system consists of a centralised server, a web-based desktop application, a suite of mobile applications and a link to an external gateway that is capable of sending data to Cmore from multiple external systems (hardware and software platforms). In essence, Cmore serves as a comprehensive portal that allows in-depth search and visualisation of all Cmore related entities such as tracking, incidents, positions of interest, resources and media, as well as external entities.


Cmore’s flexible information model and ease of use makes it suited for domains such as conservation, disaster response and management, as well as safety and security. The system fully exploits the geographic nature of events and real-world entities.


More info

This innovation was developed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. For more information, contact Priaash Ramadeen or visit Cmore's website.